Innovative Optical Tissue Phantoms & Targets

QUEL Imaging is building an ecosystem of tools and custom services to accelerate and standardize the clinical translation of in vivo optical imaging technologies. We offer multiple product lines of fluorescence phantoms with standardized scattering and absorption to mimic tissue optical properties. Non-fluorescent phantoms are also available, based on the same specialized manufacturing and characterization protocols.

Fluorescence Phantoms

Our fluorescence phantoms and targets are designed to mimic both FDA-approved fluorophores, and contrast agents in late-stage clinical trials. Each product line offers reference targets for performing detailed system characterizations, as well as visualization phantoms for quick tests and demonstrations.

Product Line Excitation (nm) Emission (nm) System characterizations and
visualization demonstrations for:
ICG 805 825 ICG (indocyanine green)
O38 775 790 CYTALUX1 “OTL38” (pafolacianine)
IRDye2 800 CW
MBL (Limited release) 670 680 Methylene Blue
“700” (coming soon) ~695 ~710 SGM-101
1: CYTALUX is a registered trademark of On Target Laboratories, Inc
2: IRDye is a registered trademark of LI-COR Biosciences – U.S.
The O38 product line provides an equivalent fluorescent marker for the referenced contrast agents,
and is not affiliated or endorsed by the listed companies.

Optical Phantoms

Non-fluorescent optical phantoms which mimic the reduced scattering and absorptions of various tissues are also useful in the clinical translation of imaging technologies, such as SFDI or fNIRS.

Product Line Description Ideal use-cases
FluoFlowTM Flow channel embedded within tissue-equivalent optical properties and compatible with common flow controllers. – Lead candidate selection
– Testing dynamic imaging algorithms
OptiBloxTM Phantom material available in various shapes and sizes with well characterized optical properties similar to human and animal tissue – Optical system characterization

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Showing 1–12 of 27 results