Custom Anthropomorphic Phantoms

Customized anthropomorphic phantom :

  • Iterate on design specifications and revisions with our expert team
  • Geometry based on input 3D model (i.e. medical DICOM)
  • Specify bulk optical properties at a desired imaging wavelength
  • Vary fluorescence concentration of inclusion


Have a 3D model of something you would like as a phantom? Our team has experience manufacturing phantoms from segmented DICOM data or similar MRI and CT data sets. We can work with public databases or your own files. Our manufacturing process allows us to tune the bulk optical properties (absorption and reduced scattering) to mimic specific tissue types at the desired wavelength.

The provided images and video show a phantom generated from a segmented micro-CT of a breast lumpectomy. A literature search was conducted to determine an appropriate optical property range of the bulk margin material and tumour inclusion. The optical properties of the manufactured materials were verified using Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (SFDI). This formulation was used with two concentrations of fluorophore (0 nM and 30 nM) for the margins, and a range of concentrations for the tumor inclusion ( 0 nM – 1000 nM). These phantoms are ideal for demonstrations or testing more complex image analysis or reconstruction algorithms. More examples and application demonstrations are discussed in our recent peer-reviewed publication.


Pricing based on design complexity. Contact us for an initial consultation and quote:

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