Quantitative OTL38-equivalent reference set (Lung)



  1. OTL38-equivalent Concentration Sensitivity Target (Lung)
  2. OTL38-equivalentDepth Sensitivity Target (Lung)
  3. OTL38-equivalent Resolution Target (Lung)
  4. 800 nm Radiometric Target with Power Supply

All base optical properties (reduced scattering and absorption) are designed to mimic lung tissue at ~770-800 nm. OTL38-equivalent fluorophore concentrations are comparable to OTL38 in PBS.

Set available in standard size.


Ready to get quantitative? When the Base Reference Set isn’t quite enough, this extended kit pushes the envelope of performance characterization. When fluorescence images are collected using both the Reference Targets and the solid state emitter in the Radiometric Target, a more complete analysis of the system sensitivity can be developed. Our engineering team is currently developing protocols to use this kit to determine the absolute fluorescence yield of imaging systems, and we’d be happy to work with you through this process.

The reference targets in this kit are designed to mimic OTL38 (pafolacianine) fluorescence (Peak excitation/emission: ~775:790 nm) in the presence of lung-equivalent optical properties for reduced scattering and absorption in the NIR.  The concentration sensitivity target provides a method to determine an imaging system’s range of linearity as well as an estimate for the noise floor and saturation point. The depth sensitivity target contains 1000 nM OTL38-equivalent material at depths of 0.5-6mm under non-fluorescent tissue-mimicking material, which simulates in vivo imaging environments. The fluorescence resolution target uses a negative USAF1951 test target and 1000 nM OTL38-equivalent material to provide an estimate of the imaging system’s optimal resolution to determine the resolvable feature size in fluorescence mode. The radiometric target provides a stable reference with know calibrated radiant output.

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