Innovative Fluorescence Targets & Specialty Tools

Concentration reference target
Concentration: removes the need to make serial dilutions.
Depth reference target
Depth: saves a trip to the local butcher or deli.
Resolution target
Resolution: an optometrist visit for your imaging system

Radiometric target
Radiometric target:
solid-state LED to mimic fluorescence

Contact us to learn more about custom solutions! We design and manufacture phantoms to address a variety of needs:

  • Dynamic flow
  • DICOM-based designs
  • Fluorophore characterization
  • Custom optical properties

Custom anthropomorphic designs

Custom ICG-equivalent breast lumpectomy phantom
Making a custom ICG-equivalent breast lumpectomy phantom
Example images of OptiBlox: tissue-equivalent optical phantoms for the VIS, NIR and SWIR region.

Tissue-equivalent optical phantoms

Don’t need fluorescence in your phantom? No problem!

  • Customized shapes and optical properties
  • Target literature-reported absorption & reduced scattering
  • Characterization available from
    500 nm – 1500 nm!

Full optical characterization

Graphic showing full optical characterization (excitation, emission, and normalized intensity)

  • Optimize your imaging system with knowledge of how excitation wavelengths can impact fluorescence emissions
  • Mimic in vivo scattering and absorption
    • Optimized at 800nm
    • Customization available
    • μa, μs‘: 500nm – 1500nm available upon customer request

Image Analysis

Snapshot from QUEL web portal for image analysis
  • Upload images to our web portal
    • Unique user accounts & groups
  • Automated analysis for QUEL reference targets
    • Expert verification
  • Cross-system comparisons
  • Track performance over time

Optical Simulations


Simulated fluorescence image of modified depth phantom
  • Test design perturbations in silicio
  • Simulate optical fluence & fluorescence
  • Leverage well-characterized phantom optical properties
  • Customize geometry
  • Optimized cloud-computing for efficient performance

Let’s chat

QUEL Imaging aims to build an ecosystem of tools to accelerate and standardize methods for clinical translation of in vivo optical imaging technologies. We strive to continuously learn through collaboration. We use our expertise to bring new solutions to our stakeholders. We look forward to discussing your needs.