(Limited) Methylene Blue reference set


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  1. Methylene Blue concentration sensitivity target
    • 8 wells 1nM – 100 uM Methylene Blue material
    • 1 negative control (0 nM)
    • All wells have base optical coefficients:
      • µₐ = 0.035 mm⁻¹ at 700nm
      • µ′ₛ = 0.30 mm⁻¹ at 700nm
  2. Methylene Blue depth sensitivity target
    • Top: 0.5-6mm tissue-equivalent material non-fluorescent material
      • µₐ = 0.018 mm⁻¹ at 700nm
      • µ′ₛ = 2.1 mm⁻¹ at 700nm
    • Bottom: 8 wells 100 uM Methylene Blue material, 1 negative control well
      • µₐ = 0.035 mm⁻¹ at 700nm
      • µ′ₛ = 0.30 mm⁻¹ at 700nm
    • Negative control has 6mm of top material
  3. Methylene Blue resolution target
    • Group 0 through Group 7
    • 1.5 mm thick low-reflective glass
    • 100 uM Methylene Blue material backing
      • µₐ = 0.035 mm⁻¹ at 700nm
      • µ′ₛ = 0.30 mm⁻¹ at 700nm

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This kit is a great solution to collect performance benchmarking data of your fluorescence imaging system. It incorporates Methylene Blue fluorescence in the presence of tissue optical properties.  The concentration sensitivity target provides a method to determine an imaging system’s range of linearity as well as an estimate for the noise floor and saturation point, with concentrations ranging from 1 nM to 100 uM Methylene Blue. The depth sensitivity target contains 100 uM Methylene Blue embedded in resin at depths of 0.5-6mm under non-fluorescent tissue-mimicking material, which simulates in vivo imaging environments. The fluorescence resolution target uses a negative USAF1951 test target and 100uM Methylene Blue material to provide an estimate of the imaging system’s optimal resolution to determine the resolvable feature size in fluorescence mode.


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Weight 205 g
Dimensions 207 × 92 × 42 mm