Dynamic Flow Tissue Phantoms

Customized dynamic flow phantom :

  • BYOF: Bring-your-own-fluorophore
  • Ideal for lead-canindate optimization
  • Test contrast agents in tissue-equivalent optical environments
  • Reduce the need for animal testing
  • Test dynamic image analysis algorithms
  • Iterate on design specifications and revisions with our expert team


The FluoFlowTM phantoms are designed to allow users to bring your own fluorophore! These are ideal for lead-candidate optimization during probe development.  It may seem counter intuitive, but sometimes, even the brightest contrast agents are not ideal for in vivo applications. Tissue optical properties introduce unique challenges when developing novel contrast agents. Animal models are expensive, so why not test early and often with a QUEL Imaging FluoFlowTM Phantom?  These phantoms are also ideal for testing dynamic image analysis algorithms.

The FluoFlow phantoms incorporate flow channels embedded within our proprietary tissue-equivalent material formulations.  Our specialized manufacturing protocols provide the ability to customize the optical absorption and reduced scattering to match literature-reported values of tissue properties for specific wavelengths within the VIS/NIR/SWIR spectral region.  Adaptors are incorporated into the phantom for easy connections with a pumping system.

Our team can provide world-leading expertise on developing phantoms to mimic light-tissue interactions. Our manufacturing and characterization methods stem from a strong academic background. Contact us to learn more about our advanced manufacturing and optical characterization capabilities. We’re looking forward to accelerating your clinical translation!

Pricing based on design complexity. Contact us for an initial consultation and quote:

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