Mini ICG-equivalent depth sensitivity target


The mini “fun-sized” version of our standard depth sensitivity target (RDS-ICG-SM03-QUEL03).

9-well depth target. 0.5 cm diameter wells.

  • Top: 0.5-6mm tissue-equivalent material non-fluorescent material
    • µₐ = 0.019 mm⁻¹ at 800nm
    • µ′ₛ = 1.4 mm⁻¹ at 800nm
  • Bottom: 8 wells 1000nM ICG-equivalent material, 1 negative control well
    • µₐ = 0.021 mm⁻¹ at 800nm
    • µ′ₛ = 0.27 mm⁻¹ at 800nm
  • Negative control has 6mm of top material

Dimensions: 25mm x 25mm x 20mm


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Ideal for testing minimally invasive imaging systems with limited field of view! This reference target provides a solution to understand the depth sensitivity of your fluorescence imaging system. It is designed to mimic ICG fluorescence in the presence of tissue optical properties. The  target contains 1uM ICG-equivalent material at depths of 0.5-6mm under non-fluorescent tissue-mimicking material, which simulates in vivo imaging environments.

Fluorescence images of this target can be analyzed using our web portal at We are currently enrolling Beta testers for this site. A brief overview of the current features are available in the video below. The aim of this service is to provide system developers and researchers a reliable, repeatable and time-efficient method to analyze fluorescence images of these reference targets.

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Weight 90 g
Dimensions 207 × 92 × 42 mm

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