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Say Hello to Quelo!

QUEL The Reindeer

It’s debated whether Quelo The Reineer’s near infrared light-emitting nose and antlers are due to advanced technological advancements, or the product of natural evolution of the magical Rangifer genus. Either way, we would like to introduce you to Quelo!

Quelo is enjoying learning how to play all the reindeer games and is excited to be part of the team. While some may think Quelo and a certain red-nosed reindeer are fierce competitors, they actually both work together very closely. Quelo’s nose and antlers are brighter when working with his fellow reindeer friends, especially around that glowing red nose of his closest friend. His friend’s glowing red nose, estimated to emit light between 630nm and 760nm, can help power Quelo’s nose and antlers. 

While Quelo’s luminescence might seem dim to humans, this is only because humans can’t see the magical optical emissions, estimated to be wavelengths greater than 800nm. Combined with a little magic, Quelo’s luminescence actually has a much higher irradiance than his red-nosed partner. This higher irradiance and longer wavelength provide much better visibility, especially in bad weather and smog. Quelo is looking forward to reducing supply-chain delays this year and may start providing logistical support for other worldwide shippers over the coming year.

At QUEL Imaging, we’re honored to work with Quelo to deliver all your optical phantom needs. We would like to thank all our customers from the past year for their support and we look forward to working with you in the coming years.

See Quelo in action

These images show Quelo activating his magical luminescent nose and antlers. The images were taken with a pre-clinical surgical imaging system. This system takes two images: a color image using white lights for illumination, and a separate fluorescence image with a sensitive monochromatic (“black and white”) camera. Since the fluorescence isn’t visible to the human eye, a false-color mapping is used which is what is shown on the right overlay.

Want to make your own Quelo images? Download an outline of Quelo’s face to use with our “vessel” phantoms and our new “coin” phantom to use with Quelo’s nose:

Artwork by Dana Saulnier | The Patterned Peacock