OTL38-equivalent depth sensitivity target (Lung)


9-well depth target. 1 cm diameter wells.

  • Top: 0.5-6mm tissue-equivalent material non-fluorescent material
    • µₐ = 0.019 mm⁻¹ at 800nm
    • µ′ₛ = 1.4 mm⁻¹ at 800nm
  • Bottom: 8 wells 1000 nM OTL38-equivalent* material, 1 negative control well
    • µₐ = 0.04 mm⁻¹ at 800nm
    • µ′ₛ = 1.2 mm⁻¹ at 800nm
  • Negative control has 6mm of top material
  • Peak Excitation/Emission: ~775 nm / 790 nm
    • Also similar to IRDye-800 CW
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 50mm x 20mm

*As compared to OTL38 in PBS

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This reference target is an ideal solution understand the depth sensitivity of your fluorescence imaging system. It is designed to mimic OTL38 (pafolacianine) fluorescence (Peak excitation/emission: ~775:790 nm) with NIR optical properties, reduced scattering and absorption, similar to lung tissue. The  target contains 1000 nM OTL38-equivalent material at depths of 0.5-6mm under non-fluorescent tissue-mimicking material, which simulates in vivo imaging environments.

1: CYTALUX is a registered trademark of On Target Laboratories, Inc
2: IRDye is a registered trademark of LI-COR Biosciences – U.S.
The O38 product line provides an equivalent fluorescent marker for the referenced contrast agents,
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